Join our team

At Milkyway we don’t like to work because we have to, we work to make our dreams come true.


Associate UX Designer

If you have ability to create great experiences with great looking products. We want you!

Sr. UX Designer

Loves creating Digital Products which gives enjoyable experience that users want to return to time and time again.

Associate UI Designer

If you can design beautiful interfaces without compromising on the user experience created. You’re the one!

Sr. UI Designer

If you have the ability to make deliberate design decisions and to translate any given user-experience into journey into a smooth and intuitive interaction. You are it!

Lead Product Designer

We want you if you have got a perfect combination of impressive design skills, effective communication and fantastic ability to bring innovations to the product.

Jr. Content Writer

If you are familiar with producing online content and have an eye for details, we’d like to meet you!

Sr. Data Engineer

The role of the Senior Data Engineer is responsible for building and maintaining optimized and highly available data pipelines that facilitate deeper analysis and reporting by the Data and Analytics department.

Data Engineer

Data engineers work in a variety of settings to build systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret.

Visual Communication Designer

If you have the ability to improve a product’s aesthetics appeal and usability with suitable elements, you are the one!